Per's Swellendam Diary
The Hideaway in Swellendam South Africa is a national monument

Per's Swellendam Diary


Notes, news and observations from Per - the real owner of The Hideaway Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Swellendam on the Garden Route

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Per's Diary


Hello there! I am Cleopatra, the true owner of The Hideaway in Swellendam, the best value top of the range B&B on the Garden Route and I want to tell you about some very strange goings on around the house. As one of the most popular Guest Houses in Swellendam, The Hideaway B&B is always busy with people coming and going, and I am used to that, but lately 2 people have turned up who come back every single day.

I’m not very good with names, being a cat, but I think they are called Stephen and Jackie. It seems they may be about to move in with me.

Now I’m pretty tolerant, and they have given me some great brushes, which help with the fur balls, but I mean what is a cat to do after 14 years if yet another set of humans turns up to share her house? They keep on talking about Champagne Breakfasts and Sun-downers, me I’m happy with milk and Whiskas, but I have to say that their breakfasts do look yummy. My reading is not too good, being a cat, but somebody wrote in that funny big book they always keep on the coffee table “best scrambled eggs in South Africa” – whatever that means …

Gotta dash! Need to curl up in the shade and have a cat nap! Will tell you more as soon as I know anything!


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