Per's Swellendam Diary
The Hideaway in Swellendam South Africa is a national monument

Per's Swellendam Diary


Notes, news and observations from Per - the real owner of The Hideaway Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Swellendam on the Garden Route

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African Wild Cat in the Kgalagardi
National Park.  Looks like me, doesn't she?
A great picture of ME!
Hello again!  Remember me?  I am Per, the true Boss of The Hideaway, that great value little 5 star Guest House in Swellendam on the Garden Route where there are lots of things to do and see and enjoy!  Well, my staff recently went away and left me for a whole 2 weeks, not on my own, of course, they provided temporary staff to see to my every need!  Nothing less than I would expect from a B and B whose guests have voted it the Regional Winner of the AA Travel Awards for 2012! Being a cat, I am not sure what all that means, but my staff were very happy so it must be good, mustn't it?  But while they were away they met a cat that looks soooo like me, (look at the picture) but he was WILD!  My staff said that it was very unusual to see an African wild cat in the daytime, especially one that was being chased by 2 Pale Chanting Goshawks.  I am not sure what they are, being a cat, but I bet it was scary, because I don't like being chased by the dogs next door so I know what it is like to be chased....  I go up trees too when they chase me and once one of my staff had to rescue me in a bucket on a pole because I was so high I couldn't get down.  That was scary too. Anyway, I must take advantage of the lovely sunny weather and go and have a catnap in the garden, but I don't think I'll go up a tree today .......


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