Per's Swellendam Diary
The Hideaway in Swellendam South Africa is a national monument

Per's Swellendam Diary


Notes, news and observations from Per - the real owner of The Hideaway Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Swellendam on the Garden Route

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New republic of Greater Swellendam

Hello everybody, it is me again! Cleopatra, the cat that lives in the purrfect place, The Hideaway in Swellendam, the best value 5 star B&B on the Garden Route. I told you earlier this week that there was rebellion in the air and its OFFICIAL! Stephen and Jackie had a Swellengram and they read it out. Being a cat, I don't really understand all of it but it sounded something like:

On Saturday June 18th in Swellen Mark Mall, from 10:00 a.m onwards, there is going to be a party celebrating the date on which Swellendam, in 1795, declared itself a Republic, and for three glorious months, considered itself the official capital of the World! 216 years later, Swellendam has decided to claim back its historical rights and re-declare the Republic of Greater Swellendam – A republic of community, unity, love, art, music, good food, and beauty. All day there will be live entertainment in the streets, a huge open air traditional craft and food market outside the Old Gaol, and in the new Mall there will be dancers and buskers. Come and listen to newly formed Swellendam Band "The Republicans" !

The Republic will officially be re-declared on June 18th at a celebration at the Drostdy Museum at 4:30 for 5 - Proclamation, Celebration and Jubilation! (and champagne!) This is a not to be missed event. Tickets for this event can be collected at the tourism office at no charge or you can RSVP to

It sounds like a fantastic time to come to Swellendam! Hope to see you here soon. Now, I must go and find Nefertiti so we can go and chase Gizmo together....



Happenings at the Hideaway

Hello everybody, it's Cleopatra here, the cat that keeps you up to date with everything going on at the Hideaway, the best value Guest House in Swellendam, that historic town on the garden route in South Africa. Well, last time I told you that we were expecting a Gizmo to arrive, but I wasn't sure what a Gizmo is. he arrived! He is small and furry with a bushy tail and he shot out of his carrybasket and raced up a huge tree to his little house. I couldn't catch him! I try to creep up on him when he is collecting nuts, but he is too quick for me. Great excitement at the Hideaway with Stephen's daughter Vanessa getting married in Ibiza and my cousin Nefertiti arriving here. I haven't seen her for ages, so it is lovely, but she is a bit younger than me and I'm finding it all a bit wearing! We have had all kinds of things going on in the village just now, a new shopping mall has opened up and there is the whiff of rebellion in the air. Apparently, something called a Republic is going to happen soon. I'm not sure what a republic is, but it happened 216 years ago too, so perhaps it is something that comes back after a while. I hope it's not catching. There are lots more things on our website at about Swellendam, things to do, places to go and to eat. Talking of which, I gotta go ... time for a cat nap ....



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