Per's Swellendam Diary
The Hideaway in Swellendam South Africa is a national monument

Per's Swellendam Diary


Notes, news and observations from Per - the real owner of The Hideaway Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Swellendam on the Garden Route

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Snow on The Garden Route

Hi everybody, it's me, Cleopatra, the real head of The Hideaway, the best value 5 star guest house in Swellendam on the Garden Route. You'll never guess, but I woke up this morning and looked up at the Langeberg mountains and they were covered in SNOW! In April! No wonder I was a bit chilly 'cos Jackie and Stephen hadn't put the heaters in yet. Well, I ask you, only a few weeks ago we had Otters in the garden. Really, here in Swellendam, South Africa, not far from Cape Town and George, we had Otters. They are called Tim and Julie and they stayed at the Hideaway for a few nights, so who would expect to see snow so soon after that? Anyway, the heaters are now there and we have a roary fire in the grate, so I shall be jolly snug tonight. Apparently, the Easter bunny visited us over the weekend. I didn't see him, but then I'm not sure what a bunny is, so maybe I saw him without realising. Jackie was very happy and opened some chocolates to celebrate. I heard that Gizmo is moving into the Hideaway. Now, I am only a cat, and I am not really sure what a Gizmo is, but I think he is going to live in a house in a tree. We have lots of trees, so I'm not sure which one. I shall have to think about all this. Snow, Otters and Gizmo, I wonder if he will let me chase him .....


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